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Special occasions are great times to talk about freedom and citizenship. Comic books make ideal gifts and favors for holiday gatherings, assemblies, parades, and celebrations.

Here are some special days in America's life, a Patriot's Calendar.

January 1

New Years Day

Beginning of the New Year. Start anew!




3rd Monday

Martin Luther King Day

Celebrate birth of civil rights leader.

3rd Monday

President's Day

Celebrate American Presidents, including George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.

March 3

National Anthem Day

Sing the Star-Spangled Banner!

May 1

Loyalty Day

Show your loyalty to the U.S.A.!

2nd Sunday

Mother's Day

Celebrate Mothers who help us all and build America!

May 13

Apple Pie Day

Talk about America over dessert!

3rd Saturday

Armed Forces Day

Honor all service members in all branches of America's military.

Last Monday

Memorial Day

Remember and honor those who gave their lives to defend our freedom.

June 14

Flag Day

Special day to honor the United States Flag. Fly the Flag year round!

July 4

Independence Day

Celebrate the birthday of the United States and the start of our free society.

1st Monday

Labor Day

Honor the many people whose hard work makes America great every day!

September 11

Patriot Day

Honor victims of the 9/11 attacks by being strong patriots.

September 17

Constitution Day

Learn about the founding document of the U.S.A. that guarantees our freedoms.

3rd Friday


Remember the fighting men and women held prisoner or missing in action.

Tuesday after the 1st Monday

Election Day

When American citizens choose their representatives for government.

November 11

Veterans Day

Honor members of the Armed Forces who help protect our freedom through their service.

4th Thursday

Thanksgiving Day

Give thanks for all our blessings of life, liberty, and happiness!

December 7

Pearl Harbor Day

Remember the victims of the attack that brought America into World War II.

Remember, every day is a Special Occasion!

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