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The honor and sacrifice of veterans and how they protect our freedom

  • Elementary School to High School
  • 16 Pages, 6 5/8" x 10 1/4" 
  • Full Color
1 to 99 copies           $.85 each
100 copies or more   $.69 each

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This engaging full color story teaches: 

  • What being a veteran means
  • The valor of veterans
  • The challenge of service and its price
  • The true price of freedom
  • How veterans protect our freedoms
  • Benefits and rewards of being a veteran
  • How we can honor veterans
  • How to thank veterans for their service
  • Being a good citizen, and much more!
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Our Country's Veterans helps you show young people that freedom is won and protected by the work and sacrifices of our country's veterans. These inexpensive and effective educational materials help you show children what it really means to be a veteran. Characters in the story represent veterans from World War Two, the Korean War, Vietnam, and the conflicts in the Middle East. This comic book provides important lasting lessons for today's young people!

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