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Welcome from The American Legion
Teach children what's GREAT about America with EASY and FUN Educational Comic Books!
I Pledge Allegiance
Our Country's
Our Country's
Light of
Bridging the Gap
I Pledge Allegiance
Why we say the Pledge of Allegiance and what it really means.
Our Country's Flag
The history, meaning, and proper treatment of our United States flag.
Our Country's Veterans
How veterans protect our freedom and how we can honor them.
Light Of Liberty
The Bill Of Rights and our responsibilities as citizens.
Bridging The Gap
How American values help prevent and stop bullying.

The future of freedom is in your hands.

Today's children are tomorrow's adults. When you teach them their rights and responsibilities as American citizens, you're building a better America and a better future for all.

We make it easy with fun educational comic books!

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Educational comic books from Flag Comics are distributed exclusively by American Legion Emblem Sales. The American Legion is the country's largest organization of veterans of the United States military. The American Legion believes that the best way to promote patriotism and citizenship is to help children understand and respect our nation's principles, history, and symbols.

Patriot's Calendar
Celebrate and honor America on these upcoming holidays.

November 12, 2019

Election Day

When American citizens choose their representatives for government.

Patriots Calendar

July 4

Independence Day

Celebrate the birthday of the United States and the start of our free society.

November 11

Veterans Day

Honor members of the Armed Forces who help protect our freedom through their service.

November 28, 2019

Thanksgiving Day

Give thanks for all our blessings of life, liberty, and happiness!

December 7

Pearl Harbor Day

Remember the victims of the attack that brought America into World War II.

September 20, 2019


Remember the fighting men and women held prisoner or missing in action.

January 1, 2020!

New Years Day

Beginning of the New Year. Start anew!

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